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Discover Brandenburg
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Welcome to the German Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg!

The fastest growing region in Germany, Berlin-Brandenburg lies at the crossroads of international taffic routes and in proximity to the centers of decision-making.
Berlin-Brandenburg offers the highest research density in Germany and a cutting-edge infrastructure combined with an outstanding quality of life. Right in the heart of Europe, investors find excellent business conditions. Small towns and villages offer space for stressed city dwellers and young families.

Historic castles, country manors and gardens, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Potsdam (Prussian Palaces and Gardens), and a plethora of museums, galleries, concert halls and theatres charm and entertain residents and guests alike.

If you want to slow down and recreate your body and spirit, widely untouched landscapes are waiting to be discovered by bike, on foot, on horseback or seen from the water on a canoe, a float or a sailing boat. Visit