The Federal State Government

Federal State Prime Minister and his nine Federal State Ministers

The Federal State Prime Minister and nine federal state ministers form the government of the federal state of Brandenburg. The Federal State Prime Minister is elected by the Landtag (federal state parliament) and appoints the ministers. He also determines the guidelines for the government policy and is responsible for them towards the Landtag. Within these guidelines, every minister is solely responsible for his or her division. In case of a difference of opinion between several ministers, the federal state government takes a decision.

All important decisions concerning fundamental political questions, bills as well as important administrative and personnel issues are taken by the federal state government at its cabinet meetings which take place weekly at the State Chancellery.

The State Chancellery and the Ministries head the regional government authority as "Supreme Federal State Authority". The "Higher Federal State Authorities" and the "Lower Federal State Authorities" are their subordinate authorities.

The task inventory and the possibility of political development of a federal state is depending on whether the legislative powers and administrative responsibilities lie with the federal government or the federal state governments. The federal states have the legislative power and administrative responsibilities for e.g. education, issues concerning broadcasting and television, local law and police law. The legislation at federal level is assisted by the federal states through the Bundesrat (Federal Council of Germany).

Since 2013 Dr. Dietmar Woidke serves as Federal State Prime Minister of Brandenburg.

One Brandenburg for all

His direct predecessor, former Federal State Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck, identified the main priorities of the federal state government in his government declaration on November 18, 2009. "Public spirit and renewal: One Brandenburg for all" was the leitmotif of the federal state government for the further development of the federal state in order to be well prepared for the coming decades.

With systematic investments in education, research and economy, the federal state government wants to offer good education opportunities and living conditions for all citizens in Brandenburg – primarily for children and adolescents. Economic success and social justice are to be linked with each other and but also the federal state finances are to be run responsibly.

The federal state government must keep the Landtag informed and is subject to an intensive parliamentary control. The members of the Landtag have the right to information and the presentation of files as well as access to the offices of the federal state administration. The federal state government regularly informs the public about its political goals as well as the federal state administration’s specific projects.

The online portal is with more than 100,000 pages an important part of public relations of the federal state government. The aim is to provide to all citizens, visitors as well as companies a wide range of information on the federal state of Brandenburg. The working of the federal state government and its subordinate authorities as well as local authorities is always updated and prepared comprehensively.


Landtag Brandenburg
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