Brandenburgian Coat of Arms and Flag


On October 3, 1990, the new Land of Brandenburg was formed as a federal member of the Federal Republic of Germany. Already before this date, the Brandenburgian coat of arms had been the subject of a committed and quite controversial discussion. Already in August 1990, a working group had been set up, which was assigned with drafting a bill on the coat of arms, flag and seal in preparation for the reestablishment of the state. As a result, the draft of a national emblem in the “peaceful form of the eagle” was presented - in its oldest version from the twelfth century, without decorative elements like sword, scepter, and breastplate.

The future flag of the Land was less controversial than the coat of arms. It was clear from the beginning that it should contain the traditional colors red and white. To make the Brandenburgian flag unique in comparison to other same-colour flags, the legislator decided to make the red eagle a component of the state flag. "On a shield in white (silver) the coat of arms shows a red eagle, looking to the right, with golden stalks of trefoil on the wings. The Land's flag consists of two equal horizontal stripes in the national colours red (top) and white (bottom) and carries the coat of arms in the middle." This is what is stipulated in the "Code of National Emblems" of 30 January 1991, which was unanimously adopted by the members of the Brandenburgian Parliament, with only two abstentions.

The depiction of the Brandenburgian coat of arms for artistic and scientific purposes, as well as for the purposes of education and civic education, is generally permitted – any other use requires the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. The flag of Brandenburg may be displayed by anyone, unless this is done in a manner or under circumstances which are detrimental to the reputation or dignity of this symbol.


Landtag Brandenburg
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