Leading in Equal Rights

Fröhliche Kinder
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Of all the federal states in Germany, Brandenburg works hardest to achieve equal rights for everybody, with people’s social backgrounds having a minimal influence on their education and career opportunities. Our school system – with six years of primary school followed by secondary school with excellent career and university preparation – ensures that everyone can complete their schooling successfully. Many schools offer all-day childcare facilities, and Brandenburg’s “pupil loans” help young people from low-income families to finish school.

In order to have equal opportunities, more inclusive educational programmes have to be developed and expanded. Our goal is to make good education accessible for everyone in the future with the project “Schools for All”. It ensures that all children and adolescents receive a local education suited to their personal needs. In this regard, we have started an inclusive pilot project at over 80 primary schools, with smaller classes, the hiring of additional teaching staff and by conducting innovative further education and training.

Equality begins at an early age. Brandenburg’s support for early childhood education is one of best in Germany. About 96 percent of the three to six year olds and more than half of the children below the age of three are supported in their development by educational staff and childminders at childcare facilities – and the numbers are rising. Recently, Brandenburg provided financing for an additional 1,000 nursery school teachers.

Young adults should participate in making decisions for their community. This is part of equal opportunities and helps them learn how to handle responsibility. At the upcoming elections, adolescents over the age of 16 will be allowed to vote.

Sports of all kinds play an important role in a community. Brandenburg is home to many top athletes and is a forerunner in supporting paralympic and other inclusive sporting events.

Equal rights for all means being involved regardless of one‘s background, skin colour or religion. “Tolerant Brandenburg” is an action plan promoted by the state government for years, working with numerous partners to make Brandenburg a better place to live. It helps creating a democratic and tolerant society with a strong sense of civic courage against violence, right-wing extremism and racism.