Sustaining the Quality of Life

Abendstimmung am See in Brandenburg
©picture alliance/ZB

Brandenburg is a rich state. This may sound strange considering its tight budgetary situation, but the quality of life is not only determined by budgets. Brandenburg has a magnificent countryside. And protecting it is our duty and obligation, and close to our heart as well. It has 15 large conservation areas, including 3 biosphere reserves and the Grumsiner Forst at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, 11 parks and the Unteres Odertal National Park. And there is still more to come with its 119 protected landscape areas and 490 nature reserves. In a nutshell: Life is good in Brandenburg. Its solid economic growth and its leisure amenities form the basis for a good quality of life and a sustainable development. Both are factors which require an intact environment and careful use of natural resources.

For this reason, Brandenburg is currently establishing a wide-ranging consultation process on its sustainability strategy, in which all areas of life in Brandenburg will be discussed. The intention is for future generations to be able to live comfortably. „Sustainability for our grandchildren“ has become the main criterion for all political decisions. When it comes to protecting nature and the environment, Brandenburg also has a consultation process and encourages the active cooperation of its residents when dealing with health issues and consumer protection.

To ensure a good quality of life, it is necessary to have reliable consumer protection as well as an effective health care system. This represents a major challenge due to the demographic change. However, by working together we are able to master any challenge, so that future generations can live healthy and well in an intact environment.