Ready for the Future – Families and Professionals

Foto: pictue alliance
©picture alliance/ZB

Families are important for a stable society and economy. Brandenburg is well known for being a family friendly state. There are more than 365,000 families living in Brandenburg, and 225,000 of them have minor children. We have developed a programme to support a child and family friendly environment, including more than 50 “Local Alliances for Families” and 18 “Networks for Healthy Children” across the state. 1,000 voluntary “godparents” provide support in caring for young families.

Brandenburg’s economy and its jobs market are well positioned. The number of employees has been increasing year by year, with corresponding reductions in those out of work. However, this is not enough by itself – what we want is “good work”. This is achieved by securing fair wages, balancing work and family life, as well as by having supportive cooperations between private businesses, trade unions and the state government. We appreciate every helping hand, every idea and every commitment. Above all, it is important to bring together the supply and demand for labour. In this respect, the state promotes job opportunities via an internet platform for professionals and returnees – with a mouse click to a job in Brandenburg.

Due to demographic change, there are more ageing citizens than there are young people living in the state. However, this represents an opportunity to become involved: “Active Ageing”, the policy guidelines for seniors, include taking care of the elderly. The state government is involved in supplying attractive carer jobs, harmonising work and care, and creating new ways to live for the elderly (such as shared apartments for senior citizens).

There are about 335,000 disabled people living in Brandenburg. We want to achieve a “Brandenburg that includes all”. Taking this as our aim, we implement our disabled person policy measures: Their participation is important – for thinking, planning and doing – so that people with disabilities have equal rights and the same opportunities in all social processes and situations.