Economically Strong and Well Connected

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Six million people living in Berlin and Brandenburg have been relying on the public transport as part of their daily routine for more than ten years. And millions of visitors benefit from it as well. Regardless of where you are starting from and heading to – one ticket is all you need. The increasing numbers of passengers demonstrate the importance and success of the public transport system here. Covering an area of 30,000 square kilometres, Berlin-Brandenburg‘s public transport system is the largest one in Europe.

Extensive autobahn and high-speed railway networks, efficient waterways and numerous airlines connect Berlin and Brandenburg with Europe’s capital regions, as well as with all major cities in the world. The public transport system, which runs along the trans-European traffic routes, has been profiting from the wide ranging modernisation here. Brandenburg‘s role as a hub between the East and the West has grown due to increased travel options and because Poland and other countries from central and eastern Europe have joined the EU. Brandenburg and Berlin enjoy one of the most dynamic levels of development in Europe.

Top name companies such as Arcelor Mittal, Bombardier, Daimler, Fielmann, Goodyear Dunlop, MTU, Oracle, Rolls-Royce, Vestas and VW Logistics are located in Brandenburg. The numerous small and medium sized companies here, which form an economy backbone, are also well positioned for the future. In addition, about 140,000 self-employed businesses have assumed their responsibility to create jobs and training places in the state.

The aerospace, automobile and chemical industries, as well as the energy technology, health, media and motion picture sectors are counted among Brandenburg‘s pacemakers in its economic development. With a strong economic growth policy focusing on Brandenburgs strengths, the state profits from being a modern, ecologically orientated and internationally competitive industrial region.

According to the INSM (Initiative of the New Social Economy), Brandenburg is one of the most dynamic federal states in Germany. This ranking is evaluated yearly by the INSM together with “Die Wirtschaftswoche” weekly economic magazine. Furthermore, the European Commission has honoured Brandenburg by naming it a “Region of Excellence”.