Charming Brandenburg

Hausboot auf Brandenburger See
©picture alliance/dpa

Forests and fields, more lakes than in any other German federal state, friendly and motivated hosts in restaurants, guesthouses, hotels and on camping sites – these are Brandenburg’s advantages for charming its guests. If you want to slow down and recreate your body and spirit, you have come to the right place. Widely untouched landscapes are waiting to be discovered by bike, on foot, on horseback or seen from the water on a canoe, a float or a sailing boat. Brandenburgs many lakes, forests and cultural landscapes provide a manyfold and constantly changing countryside.

Visitors appreciate the calm natural surroundings here in contrast to the restless capital city of Berlin, which is completely surrounded by Brandenburg. Brandenburg has more than 3,000 lakes and 33,000 kilometres of waterways. The flooding of former lignite mines in Lausitz (Lusatia) has further increased these amenities. In 2020, Europes largest artificial network of lakes will have been established here.

Experience nature and culture on your own – when riding your bike through the vast network of cycle paths with 60 tracks in total, including long distance and local routes. No other federal state has more German Cycle Club (ADFC) quality routes than Brandenburg. In addition, cyclists have an excellent range of service options here – from bed & bike facilities and rentals to tours for people with disabilities.

Whether cycling, hiking or cruising on the water, you will always be surrounded by Brandenburg‘s numerous castles, gardens and industrial monuments showing the states eventful history.