Schloss Sanssouci; Foto: picturealliance

“Discover new prospects.” With these words Brandenburg already welcomes its guests at the borders. Whether for visitors, entrepreneurs or its own citizens – the federal state of Brandenburg offers unusual prospects and creates space to design them with personal dedication.

Brandenburg relies on people who take their future in their own hands. So that ev eryone has their own chances, the state provides good general conditions. Equality of opportunities belongs to the quality of life in Brandenburg.

Part of this is the alignment of career and family. So children have a legal right to care in a day care centre, lower income families receive grants for holidays and family friendly communities are subsidised. The provision level of child care places is in Brandenburg amongst the best in Europe and Germany.

Brandenburg stands for life and work in an intact environment. The citizens of Brandenburg see their future chances in the intelligent and careful use of the unique natural and cultural resources of their state.

Brandenburg – there are more than 500 castles and manor houses, around 10,500 historical monuments, 23,000 archaeological sites, numerous idyllic town centres and villages, markets, tree lined avenues and churches. Especially the lesser populated farming regions of Brandenburg make an attractive contrast to the densely populated metropolis of Berlin.

Capital: Potsdam

Area: 29.477,16 km²

Population: 2.567.220